After completing the questionnaire a code is given which you must save as you will use it to send us the sound recording and to take the answer - diagnosis. 

You can buy a digital voice recorder which can be found at a shop with electronic items. After having placed the microphone to your pyjamas find a quite place to sleep. Make sure you are alone and all electronic devices (such as TV, air conditioning) are switched off. When you are ready to sleep press the button down which is at the left and then the rec button and leave it next to your pillow. When you wake up press the stop button and then close it. With the usb cable you can upload the sound recording. 

If you have iPhone 3G, 4/4S or iPad  you can find the application snore check (category health and fitness) for iPad - iPhone and download it for free. If you have smartphone you can find the application at the android market and download it for free. Connect

the handsfree to your iPhone/ iPad/smartphone and then place it to your pyjamas.

Make sure you are alone at a quite room. Before you sleep you should press the Tab button. To consume less battery lock your iPhone/ iPad/smartphone. For more information download the application and follow the appropriate instructions.  

As for the answer, it will be sent when payment is completed. You will be informed with an email.